"Pets Spread Rumors
About Good Groomers"

PH: 610-544-7293 Located: 21 E Springfield Rd. Springfield, PA 19064
Business Hours: Tue Thru Fri, 8:00 To 4:30 | Sat, 8:00 To 5:00.
Sun & Mon, Closed

50 th Anniversary

Welcome to
Pride 'N' Groom INC.

We are one of the first dog grooming businesses in Delaware County. PRIDE 'N' GROOM, INC. was established in 1964, ( The First in Delaware County with over 50 years Experience ), and is still serving our customers and thousands of pets every year.

PRIDE 'N' GROOM, INC. is a family owned and operated grooming shop and is proud of its experienced staff.

Front of Pride N Groom in Springfield, PA
french Poodle at Pride N Groom

About Us

We at PRIDE 'N' GROOM, INC. bathe and groom all sizes and breeds of dogs. Your pet will be groomed to your specific instructions by our expert groomers. Please stop in for a free cost estimate for your pet. Please see our hours and days of operation and what your pet will receive during his or her stay at PRIDE 'N' GROOM, INC.

Thank You And Take Care Of Our Four Legged Friends.

Services Included On All Pets

1. Two Baths
2. Full Range of Shampoos for any of Your PET NEEDS
a. Our outstanding house shampoo
b. Oatmeal
c. Hypo-Allergenic
d. Conditioner
e. Medicated
f. Flea & Tick
g. "Bright White" - For white dogs
h. Or supply your own shampoo

3. Fluff Dry
4. Full Brush-Out, De-Matting
5. Breed - Specific or Customer Requested Grooming
6. Sanitary Trim
7. Nails Trimmed & Filed ( If Requested )
8. Hair Removed From Ears
9. Ear Cleansing
10. Anal glands expressed (if requested)
11. Skin Condition Check
12. Cologne, Upon Request


Please Compare Our EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and LOW Prices To Other Grooming Establishments.
We Are Sure That YOU Will Be Highly Surprised At What A Difference PRIDE 'N' GROOM, INC.

Thank You From The Staff , Management and Ownership of

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